“Laurel was one of the best editors I have worked with at CiTR. She is committed, competent, and professional. She demonstrated great leadership skills, guiding, focusing, and motivating a loose team of employees and volunteers. Laurel was great at calling people to account while maintaining a friendly, enthusiastic, and positive attitude. Her attention to detail and work ethic were palpable, and her editorial vision and journalistic skills were admirable. I highly recommend her for future opportunities.”

– Brenda Grunau, Station Manager, Discorder (and CiTR 101.9

“Over the past years, I have had the opportunity to work with Laurel in several capacities. In that time she has proved to be not only a strong creative writer and copywriter, but also a professional. She is punctual, organized, and has solid leadership skills. Add her enthusiasm and passion, and you’ve got a seriously desirable ally.”

– Dani Vachon, Director, Olio Festival

“In her time as the Life & Style editor at The Other Press, Laurel was quick to redefine the section as her own and set the tone going forward for her contributors and coworkers alike. Due to Laurel’s confidence and natural eye for detail, she stands as a positive example of a modern professional who not only understands her reader, but has them in mind throughout the process.”

– Cody Klyne, Editor-in-Chief, The Other Press

“As someone who has edited several of Laurel’s pieces for portcitylights.com, I can say that she is a very good writer and a creative, dedicated, and enthusiastic person — not to mention a complete pleasure to work with. Her writing never fails to get to the heart of whatever story she is covering, and several pieces have won praise from our readers and some of the highest readership numbers on our website. Laurel is also very reliable and hardworking, always coming through, no matter the circumstances or the tightness of the deadline. I would recommend her without reservation.”

– Will Richter, Editor, Port City Lights


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