This Day in History: 850 Kilometres Down, 9000 to Go


Five years ago today, my mom and I were on the second night of a month-ish long trip where we drove across Canada, from Vancouver to Nova Scotia and PEI together. I was going back to writing college in September and vowed to school the other kids with what I did on my summer vacation.

I recorded a lot of the journey and on this fifth anniversary, am feeling particularly nostalgic. The trip had just begun and while we’d planned some stops, attractions, and friends and family to visit, there was a lot we didn’t know. Would we bicker over music? Would we get lost and spazz at each other? We had mom’s pickup truck packed to the gills with our camping gear, a foldout map of the country (pre-smartphone era), and approximately four weeks to get from A to B and stop for X number of visits in between. And a lot of wine.


This post was about that second night that featured the 4′ 8″, 89 lb great aunt Ev and the quirks of her lovely home (decorative bedside Miller Lite bottle included), in Golden, BC. It was also about arriving in Calgary and meeting mom’s great aunt Lil, a retired 90-year-old Roman Catholic nun with an outstanding sense of humour, and staying with her six roommates in a residence in Cowtown.

Read about that leg and more over here:


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