This Day in History: I Quit A Shit Job and Had a Lot of Momentum

I was reminiscing about the summer of 2010 today, which included a month when my Mom and I drove across Canada together from Vancouver to the Maritimes together and back. It was one of two best months of my life and I wrote a blog the whole way through.

I started that blog (which spanned months and topics before and after the trip) for a few reasons. I wanted to hold myself accountable for writing on a regular basis. I wanted to make people laugh. I wanted share experiences. Most of all, I just wanted to put my writing out into the world. I abandoned that blog a while ago for a few reasons. I went back to school, which took up a lot of time. I started to write and edit for work, which takes up a lot of time. And I guess I also just wanted to switch a more professional and portfolio-like, and less bloggy website because I don’t think anyone cares about blogs or what I have to say.

I’ve also lost momentum. I second guess almost everything I write to the point that just don’t write it, or put it off for so long that it’s irrelevant. So, in trying to be productive again, here’s the first instalment of This Day in History, wherein I share a post that I wrote on June 17, 2010. I had just quit a job slangin’ coffee in the community college, had been accepted to writing school, and was about to embark on the aforementioned adventure of a lifetime with my dear mother.

Read about it hear.

(All I want to do is tweaking this over and over and over but instead I’m just going to press Publish and not let it rot like so many other unfinished things as of late.)


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