#tbt: The McQueen Mixup From Last Week Has Been Resolved. Visual Reference Guide Included.

I was listening to a podcast last week in which the host, who typically discusses movies, music, creative process, and pop culture, spoke with the guest, this week a director, about the lack of really good movies in 2013. One that came up was 12 Years A Slave and its director, whose name is Steve McQueen. This confused me. I’m no expert on ’60s action movies, but I’m half-decent at recognizing an iconic name when I hear one.

I said to myself, “Self, isn’t Steve McQueen that bodaciously mondo-famous daredevil actor who died in 1980 and inspired track 19 on Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming? Not a present day director winning accolades for a slave epic last year? On the other hand, said podcast host had also been discussing a McQueen with regard to artistic genius in the fashion world just a few days prior on a different episode. And on the other hand, who’s fronting that local psych band Vancouver digs so hard?

To the Internet!

In the time between becoming perplexed by McQueens and consulting the web, the conundrum hydra’d and I thought of several more celebrity names I may have conflated with personalities. Have I been obliviously spewing misinformation about alleged celebrity slashies who I’ve fabricated in my head? For example:

<me, at a fancy dinner party, joining a conversation wherein I’ve overheard the name McQueen> “Well, you know, it is pretty impressive that the guy directs Best Picture at the Oscars last year, but even more so that he could just as easily have starred as the daredevil lead in another, design the outfits to take Best Costume, and score the whole damn thing. Talk about jack-of-all-trades, am I right?” <nods head, clinks champagne glass with gusto.>

That is clearly not the case. Turns out I am thinking of five very different talented creative famous people (plus one extra, who’s just good to remember) and now that I’ve removed my foot from my mouth, I’ve created a visual reference guide so you can avoid this (what I’m sure is extremely common) awkward social slip in the future. Enjoy your Thursday.

Steve McQueen: “King of Cool,” American actor (1930-80)

Alexander McQueen: British fashion designer (1969-2010)

Steve McQueen: British director, 12 Years A Slave, Shame (1969- )

Steve McBean: Canadian musician, Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops (1970ish- )

Steve Albini: American musician, music journalist, producer (1962- )

Roger Rabbit: Zany animated star of 1988 hit Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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