Interview in SAD Mag’s Grit & Gristle Issue | Fish & Bird

In a fit of frustration with my body feeling wrecked, sick, and sore today, I decided that I’d still make the To Do Today list, but make it markedly shorter. 2 items felt like lots.

Item 1 was responding to an email that could lead to PR work with a festival this summer. Done. *takes victory nap; wakes up in drool puddle*

Item 2 was to post my most recently published band interview from SAD Mag’s Grit & Gristle issue, which hit stands in mid-March. While I do indeed dig the mag’s commitment to good old fashioned print values, it means that they don’t post the issue in its entirety on the website. If you want these well-crafted words and exclusively non-digital photos in your paws, you have to pick up a hard copy (it’s worth it).

So to share my contribution—an interview with local indie folk quintet Fish & Bird—you have to get your own goddamned copy or I simply had to figure out how to hyperlink words on this blog to the PDF file they sent me. I’ve been a combination of busy with other stuff and lazy over the past month and so, yeah, it did take me that long to just sit down and figure out this simple feature of the site. (Semi-pro tip to self: next time, go straight to YouTube.)

Done. Here’s my Q&A with the band. Let me know what you think. Or don’t.

*ticks all two boxes on phone’s To Do Today Reminders list; falls asleep on victory couch; drools*


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