Internet Botox

Oh hi there! Thanks for stopping by my portfolio website. It’s undergoing some maintenance.

Turns out I haven’t updated it since ICQ was booming. I don’t want you to visit, find it useless, and say to yourself, “Self? Why waste another minute here? Back to Facebook, we go!” because it will be worth your time soon. Also, I’d rather not subject you to a buncha stale material that you’re going to flee from, clicking and screaming. Hence, there isn’t a ton of content here at the moment.

So for now, here’s a brief disclaimer, and no further excuses, that me-dot-com is getting a facelift. In the meantime , you can read smatterings of creative fodder on my Twitter feed to your right, and links to some editing and writing samples under Editing and Writing.

And if you’re feeling antsy pants and would like to contact me about editing and writing work and whatnot and just simply cannot wait any longer at all no sir, then contact me. Okay?

Thanks and see you soon,


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